5 WWE champions net worth in 2021


Wrestling is a famous type of amusement in USA and all throughout the Planet. The well known WWE was established back in 21st February 1980 and has acquired notoriety in the course of the last 41years.

Did you know that the wrestling champions bring in alot of cash as they engage individuals?

Well it's actual every individual procures beyond what you can imagine.We will in this manner examine 5 heroes on WWE and their total assets in 2021.

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John Cena

John Felix Anthony Cena well known as John Cena is an American wrestling champion and an actor.He has been ranked among the best champions of WWE and has been featured on Fast and furious 9.

As of 2021, John Cena's net worth stands at $60million.

Roman Reigns

Leati Joseph Anoa'i well known as Roman Reigns is an American wrestler and an actor.

He is ranked among the best champions of WWE as of 2021 and an influencer on the Smackdown championship league.

His net worth stands at $13million.

Randy Orton

Randal Keith Orton well known as Randy Orton is an American wrestler and an actor.

He has been in WWE for quite a long time and has taken awards for the championship belts.He performs at RAW brand where he was signed to work at.

As of 2021, Randy Orton's net worth stands at $7million.

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Brock Lesnar

Meet Brock Edward Lesnar well known as Brock Lesnar. He is American-Canadian wrestler on WWE championship and a retired mixed martial artist.He is also a former champion for the Royal Rumble and Men's money in the bank on WWE.

As of 2021, Brock's net worth stands at $25million.

Rey Mysterio

Óscar Gutiérrez well known as Rey Mysterio is an American wrestler who performs on the Smackdown championship. Rey Mysterio is the guy behind the mask and is well known for his skillful tricks on WWE.

As of 2021, Rey's net worth stands at $10million.

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