10 simple rules that all teachers should live by


A great teacher helps students to acquire basic knowledge, competence , skills or a virtue in life.

This clearly shows that teachers plays a vital role in the learning process.

Here are 10 simple rules all teachers should live by

Always be a good role model

Great teachers should always set a good example to their students. Despite of playing the vital role in classroom, a teacher should also mentor and nurture students. Mostly, students learn more from seeing and hearing.

Have defined consequences

A great teacher has well defined consequences; this helps the class to be orderly and predictable. Students should know the consequences of breaking school or class rules.

Be compassionate

A great teacher should have a strong relationship with students. Teachers should always show empathy to students they teach.

Set some ground rules

Teacher should set 3-5 rules that students should know about the class. This helps to save time, efforts and potential resources.

Maintain a creative environment

Apart from knowledge imparting, a teacher should always give students a chance to learn new ideas through self exploration. Students learn better through discoveries.

Never let your students down

Never let your students down if they come to you with their problems. Students believe in their teachers more than any other person.

Use oral questions

A Great teacher always asks oral basic questions before teaching a lesson in depth. Oral questions provokes learners thus guides them through logical solution.

Appeal to students interest

Great teachers appeal to students interest in a topic instead of commanding them to study.

Every topic has practical

Great teachers understand that every topic has some practical application. Practicals makes students to retain what is taught.

Don't be too strict

A great teacher should be strict but not too strict. Strict teachers treat all students same, they creat good learning environment for students too

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