Wetangula Now Promises To Take The Following Action Against Azimio La Umoja

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Bungoma Senator the Honorable Moses Wetangula has criticized the ODM delegation over allegations of vote rigging.

In a statement posted on social media, the Ford-Kenya chief said he had instructed city attorney Ahmednasir Abdullahi to take legal action against ODM people to stop their negligence on him and the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

"I have instructed SC Ahmednasir known as" The Mullah "to take legal action against the Odms who are determined to stop their indifference against Weta and KK. You know Hawajui !!" He said.

Wetangula recalled that when ODM and his accomplices plotted against him and his Ford-Kenya party, they said he was useless.

He wondered why they were now afraid of the “ineffective” Weta? And if he is afraid that they will make fun of him in this way, what about Kenya Kwanza president Dp William Samoe Ruto.

"When the ODM and its allies conspired against me and Fk, they said I was nothing. Why did they suddenly fear Weta" to no avail "? If I scare them so much, what about manager Hustler? @WilliamsRuto." He said.

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