"Wonder Shall Never End"- See How A Girl Begged A Boy To Make Love To Her

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We are in a world whereby things that we can't explain happen, according to chat the girl likes the boy, but the boy doesn't want to have anything with her as he claimed someone else owns his heart. What advice would you give to the girl because she seems to be head over heels in love with the boy to the extent, of willingly asking him to make love to her, it sounds confusing, because she might have not met the guy before, to be demanding this much.

From the looks of things she needs the boy attention, I would have asked him not to ignore but rather, tell her the right step to take when she meets a guy she likes, because most boys might accept her because of the fact that she was willing to lay her body down for them.

What do you think the boy or girl should do?, Let's know your thoughts.

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