What Popular Actor Njoro Was Forced To Do After Old Lady Refused To Pay Huge Rent Money

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Many people usually think that once you are a celebrity you almost become free from problems in life. This seems the contrary as popular comedian narrated on how he was forced to an extent of locking out his tenant. The idea of investing in rental houses came from a friend and he followed it.

The actor who is from "papa shirandula" show said this in an interview hosted by doctor "Kingori" on NTV. He came out and revealed of locking an old woman while she was still inside the house. The habit had started when the lady could not communicate with him. She closed the door upon seeing him and pretended now to hear the knocks.

This made the actor angry and could take none of it. He locked her in and later on he had to evict her as she was taking him for granted. He however doesn't regret his actions and says no one should play around with property you have suffered in order to acquire.

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