Difference Between A Prophet And A Bushman - Pastor David Ibiyeomie

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Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder of Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt Nigeria spoke on "Your Prophet and Your Prosperity" and revealed the difference between a Prophet and a Bushman.

He said that a prophet is not somebody who tells you to do something, that is not a prophet; that is a bushman. A prophet is not a dread-locked man standing before you to tell you about things that will happen wrongly. That is not a prophet. In this part of the world, he said that when you hear the prophet, the first thing that comes to your mind is one man that comes with dreadlocks standing before you, that is not a prophet, that is a bushman.

According to him, a Prophet turns evil to good. When God speaks to a prophet, a prophet does not tell you, evil counsel. He turns the evil counsel. He said,

If you hear me say, 'There is someone here who is sick, the person is already healed.' But the kind of prophets I'm talking about are the ones who say, 'You are sick. This is the reason why you are sick.' No! That is not a prophet. He is telling you problems. A prophet turns problems and takes promises to turn them around. If you hear me say somebody is sick here, immediately that person is already healed. But most of you because of how you move around, when they say prophet, what occurs to you is one bushman who will tell you something that your father is your problem; your mother is your problem. Those are not prophets, please don't mistake them. Prophets are agents of restoration.

Finally, he said that by a prophet called Moses, Israelites were restored to their dignity. All their wages for four hundred and thirty years (430) were paid by a prophet's declaration. He said, "Let my people go" He was speaking the counsel of God.

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