Happening Now: Nyandarua Fire Service Truck Involved In An Accident


The unforgiving rains causing devastating damages all over the country. Has brought destruction of property and loss of lives this is after the Kenya meteorological department issued a warning of heavy rains to be expected all over the country this month and the coming months.

Elsewhere in Nyandarua, a fire brigade truck has been involved in a deadly road accident. After it lost control and veered off the road plunging into a ditch.

The information shared from a reliable source captured photo of the fatal ordeal moments after it had unfolded. With this accident, drivers have been cautioned to ensure they drive safely.

Owing to the heavy rains and the wet tarmac. Various roads are slippery and prone to accident.

Although no casualties were reported in this particular accident. We are keeping a keen eye on any new reports that might resurface from Nyandarua hospital concerning the injured victims that were rushed to the medical facility.

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