Check Photos Of Erica, Nengi And Other Celebrities Spotted Enjoying Themselves At AY Show


Laughter is good medicine for the soul. A merry heart will be able to think straight. Happiness is free but one must be ready to free oneself from all the burdens of the world and be ready to be happy, life is too short to give up on your happiness. And that is why celebrities step out in the numbers to attend AY live Easter comedy show. They free their schedule to go and enjoy themselves. If you don't care for yourself who will? Be happy, life has no duplicate.

Due to the pandemic, this year's AY live show was held with limited numbers of physical attendees while other people watch the program online. But some of your favorite celebrities were granted access to the venue of the event. They did not disappoint as they all look stunning in beautiful outfits.

The event was held in Lagos on Easter day but the photos from the program were not available. Ayo makun shared them today to the delight of all his fans on Instagram.

But there is something special about the photos, celebrities were seen enjoying themselves knowing there is no one spying on them. They look so happy as they laugh out loud. The expression on their faces shows that they enjoyed themselves. It is a good thing to see those that one cherishes looking so happy.

Spot your favorite celebrity in the photos below and do you like what you see?.