See the backing Bobrisky received for slamming Tonto Dike's alleged best friend, Roseline

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Bobrisky has received enormous backing from his fans after slamming Roseline, the projected wife of Churchill, who happens to be Tonto dikeh's ex-husband.

Roseline released a video vouching for her honesty after being accused of snitching Tonto dikeh by snatching her husband and causing her her marriage. Roseline has however, denied the accusations saying, she was not Tonto dikeh's best friend and Mr Churchill was like a brother to her before destiny took it course.

While reacting to this, Bobrisky slammed her telling her to keep her mouth shout and marry her guy (Mr Churchill) in peace. Bobrisky added that, if actually she doesn't care about what people say, why would she seat in front of a camera for over 20mins explaining herself?

Bobrisky however received backing from his fans who also agreed that, she was only trying to play the victim card. See some of the reactions below;

One thing that is so pleasing to know is, at the heat of all this controversies, Tonto dikeh is just minding her business and taking care of her Son.

My candid advise is, avoid friends who are too close to your Man or woman if they are not related by blood.

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