Pictures of women during and after pregnancy will leave you in stitches| pregnancy will humble

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When a woman is pregnant, there are certain changes in their body. Common changes include physical features and hormonal changes. However, not all women experience physical changes, such as having a big nose and gaining weight.

A young lady took to social media to post her pictures during and after pregnancy, and it has since been circulating on social media platforms. Other mommies decided to hop into the challenge and share their pictures too.

People reacted hilariously."No, this transformation must make it to the Guinness Book of Records 🙆🏾‍♀️"

"We are suffering for Eve’s sins think… pregnancy is a horror movie starring the mother mos 😭😭😭".

"Indeed it will humble you 🤞one of my prettiest cousins was humbled too. We had a family funeral, and people couldn't recognize her at all, everyone kept saying "who is that lady? We know her from somewhere" 👀luckily, she went back to normal and have a cute baby😍".

"Reminds me of my ex, the girl became something else I don't even know when she was pregnant 😭😭😭"


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