Former Chief Justice Predicts Ruto Victory In 2022, Gives Major Reason

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Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has made it clear the deputy president William Ruto is a rich man and that's for a fact but has cut the image of a hustler. According to Mutunga if elections happened now Odinga cannot match the support enjoyed by Ruto across the country.

Mutunga remained clear it's difficult for Odinga to beat Ruto in a fair general election. Mutunga is clear DP Ruto is a clever politician who has avoided the tribal kind of politics and instead focused on a national image through the hustlers nation.

Willy Mutunga is clear unless Raila worked very hard as of now he cannot match the energy or the weight of DP Ruto. He is clear Ruto has successfully divived hustlers with dynasties and cut his own niche politically that transcends above all tribes.

Mutunga has remained clear Ruto has cleverly cut a niche of a hustler generally a poor man yet he is donating millions. He is clear Ruto is seen as an inspiration to many other hustlers who are down there as they still believe they also can make it just like Ruto.

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