Two Main Reasons Why Babies Look Through Their Legs

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Every culture has its traditional beliefs and superstitions about babies and is well-meaning to keep the baby safe. Babies are quite interesting and sometimes you may see them looking through their legs. It is believed when babies bend, they are looking or searching for their siblings. There are several reasons why they bend and below are two main reasons.

Depth Perception

When the babies are born they see things upside down but after a few days, the brain can process information and turn it into a logical image with the right side angle. When they bend, it helps them think of other ways of discerning things and can use the knowledge to interpret new information.

It is fun

If you see your baby bending over and smiling at you, he or she is probably doing it for fun. This is a way of keeping themselves busy and passing time. After several hours of active play, this could be the one position your baby prefers to wind down.

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