Adamu Garba Gives Two Reasons Why Nigerian Youth Should Unite And Take Over The Country

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Adamu Garba has taken to his verified Facebook express to call out all the Nigerian youths on the need to unite and take over the country.

Image Source : Premium Times

The Former Nigerian  Senator for the Yobe Adamu Garba on Friday  published a controversial post, calling out all the Nigerian youths on his Facebook media  advising the youth on the need to unite and get fully involve in making political decisions of Nigeria. In his Facebook post, he gave two strong reasons why the the Nigerian's Youth involvement in the Nigerian politics is important. They are;

Nigerian Youth unity will Influence quality leadership In Nigeria

Adamu Garba said that Nigerian youths should support each other in every area of life, without feeling jealous or competing with one another. If this happened, they would be leading the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He believed that If Nigerian Youth are more supportive of one another, the way they are when they want to bring someone else down, Nigeria would have been much better off.

Youths are politically imprisoned

Adamu Garba noted there is no difference between the youth in the North and the South when it comes to political imprisonments except for the divide that was implanted by corrupt leaders. He stated that youths are mostly used for inciting violence and discord between political parties. He however advised that the only way to break free from the shackles of political imprisonment is to come together and create a dynamic force and with their innovative ideas they can be a great influence the politics of Nigeria.

After the End SARS protest organized by Nigerian Youth in October 20, 2020 many youths have remained politically inactive instead of engaging with politicians and asking questions.Young Men and women have been excluded from policy development in Nigeria. This has led to the dying of political activism of the youth.

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