Zodwa Wabantu’s arrest – Big trouble as more charges added

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Zodwa Wabantu was arrested on Monday by the Douglas Police Station police on her way home after the Curfew hours. She was charged for contravention of the Disaster Management Act Reg 33(2), not not being at home after the Curfew hours. Zodwa filmed part of the experience when she was under arrest at the police station and posted it on her Instagram page.

"Look at the man who demanded R5 000 on the road when this officer asked about our permit, since he is charging us on curfew time. We have the permit to work all times in the media space not the club. I have other projects on TV, I was almost home, eight minutes to my house. The lady holding the phone we were both swearing at each other, calling me all the names you call me.” she said.

Zodwa accuses the police of wanting other things and not listening to her despite having the required permit. She was arguing saying that she got the permit to be outside at thay time and she was trying to show the police the so called permit in her phone. She was released on bail

The police are adding charges of crimen injuria charges again her. She will appear at the Randburg police station on the 12 of August.


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