Tiaty Member Of Parliament Humiliates Deputy President Publicly After Posting This Tweet


Deputy president today William Ruto has today joined the christians of Kapkoi at st Francis of Assis, Catholic parish in Kitale Trans nzoia county.

After having been blessed deputy president using his social media accounts expressed his blessings by sharing the scriptures.

The deputy president William Ruto in his tweet quoted Luke 6:20 where the Jesus was teaching on Beatitudes in the verse that Jesus said people who will inherit the kingdom of God are the poor.

The member of Parliament for Tiaty sub county William Kamket retweeted on the deputy president's tweet asking him why he is dodging the verse that said Zacheus those who have stolen from the poor to return it.

The tweet simply meant that Ruto as its allegedly said he has stollen from the people its true.

The deputy president William Ruto has been accused by many leaders and Kenyans for looting the public resources and grabbing land from people and public land.

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