Opinion: Impact of Sports Industry on the Employment Field in Kenya


The issue of unemployment has been the back borne of all soughts of problems in the country ,issues such as drugs, theft and all kinds of mis behaviours are associated with unemployment .

In Kenya from recent statistics ,more than 15 million kenyans are unemployed.

Lets major on the impact sports industry will have on the field of employment on the nation.

In developed countries ,they have commercialised sports and its activities which has led to both social and economic influence on their nations .Lets take an example of the Europe,statistics show that approximately over 4 million people were employed in the sports industry.

Moreover 35% of the persons employed in the field of sports were youths of which 40% had completed tertiary education .

The main source of income for European football clubs is money earned from match days ,match day sponsorship and the ticket sales.

From the above statistics , as a nation we are on the same lane , we are not far despite the fact that we are a developing nation,the sporting projects going on gives hope of what is on the way.

If a sporting industry can offer employment to more than 4 million kenyans , look at the social economic impact it would have on the country, it would be great.

In conclusion ,the government already had a great vision ,they have implemented and launched the projects , we have seen several stadiums being given a go for construction processes ,what we emphasize on is for the projects to be completed and what we are approximating come to a reality in our country.

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