Top 6 Most Beautiful Tanzanian Celebrities Who Men Are Drooling Over


Believe you me, the great Suluhu nation has some of the most beautiful women in the world. These females ooze nothing less than immense beauty and curves that will have any man drooling. But it's not just good looks that make women from Tanzania so fascinating.

They also have a knack for running businesses, and most of them use their huge social media following to rake in big money. And, no, Tanzania does not have only one or two beauties who are the talk of the nation as we are going to see below. They come in all colour, shape and size and no matter how many years pass they keep getting most beautiful. So without further ado, here are the top 6 Beautiful Tanzania women that you have to know about.

1. Wema Sepetu

Tanzania’s movie scene seems to be filled with beauty queens. Meet actress Wema Sepetu. She won the title of Miss Tanzania in 2006 and went on to represent her country in Miss World 2006 in Poland. She returned to Tanzania thereafter and made the switch to become an artist. Her beautiful features and personality saw her becoming even more popular in Tanzania. A very recognized actress, she has worked with Van Cicker of Ghana in the movie Day After Death. Other notable movies include Point of No Return (2007) and Houseboy (2012).

2. Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa is among the most accomplished models in her home country and as it is a matter of beauty, rest assure she is not going anywhere soon. The stunning Tanzanian model was born in 1994 in the lakeside city of Mwanza, Tanzania. She has been killing it on social media ever since the concept of African fashion went viral, showing millions of people around the globe, Tanzania got hotties. Mobetto is also not only beautiful, but she owned a fabulous clothing line called Mobetto Styles of which she models very often. Meaning 80% of the hot looks you see her going viral in is also her fashion talent being put on the spot.

3. Vanessa Mdee

The gorgeous Tanzanian singer was born on 7th June 1988 as Vanessa Hau Mdee. She’s known for her roles as a recording artist, songwriter, singer, youth activist, radio and TV host. The beautiful singer is also known to be the first ever MTV VJ from Tanzania. Her music and career aside, Mdee is also one beautiful lady.

4. Shilole

Zena Muhammed better known as Shilole is a classy Tanzanian actress and singer. She has achieved significant fame in the Tanzanian Movie industry. Shilole is one Tanzanian lady who has perfectly blended acting and music making her exceptional in both the Tanzanian entertainment and movie scene.

5. Jokate Mwagelo

Jokata was born on 20 March 1987 in the United States Washington DC. She started out her acting career in 2007 after being named the first runner-up in Miss Tanzania beauty contest. The queen has not just attained a remarkable status in the film industry but also in the business sphere. Currently, she is ultimately in charge of making managerial decisions at Kidoti Company. She also hosts shows and sings.

6. Jacqueline Wolper

Jacqueline massage Wolper was born in November 6, 1987. Is a Tanzania actress and also fashion stylist. Is so beautiful and is successful in her life. Jacqueline was born and raised in Moshi, Tanzania. She attended mawezi primary school and later attended Masai for her secondary School. She entered into the Tanzania film industry in 2007. The actress has appeared in many popular movies, including Tom boy, like dime, crazy desire, mahaba and many more.

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