Thug Badly Lynched After a Botched Robbery


Today a thief was badly beaten in Kitale Line Moja estate or street after a botched robbery. The thug was seriously beaten by mob justice to death after a failed or unsuccessful robbery.

They were three thieves who were trying to steal a car from a woman. As the woman was screaming people heard and came to help. Two among the three thieves managed to escape but one was caught and Beaten to death.

The residents say that the three were notorious as they as they had previously stolen from Today and one of the Supermarkets but were not caught.

Many citizens have congratulated the residents of Kitale Line Moja estate in the internet for the good work of helping the woman from being conned or stolen of her car. The car is worth over 1 million but thanks to the good people if Kitale the thieves did not manage to steal.

Below are some of the reactions online on the incident.