Kenyans Wowed by The Curvaceous Image Given to Churchill on His Photo.


Think about creativity and comedy and you think of Kenyans. The level of creativity in Kenya is of another level. Kenyans can transform any image into something that looks like a joke. In Kenya, everything is comedy.If you ever get slightly stressed, just buy some data bundles and get access to the internet and all of a sudden your pains will be turned to happiness and laughter. 

Kenyans post funny videos and memes on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram just to make the platforms lively and a choice for many. This has helped to drive stress away for most people.

Hundreds of memes are created everyday just to spice up the internet and make it lively for users who are looking for fun.

Churchill today posted a photo of a curvaceous lady on his Instagram page with a caption," Whoever did this...DM imejaa mafisi😂😂😂"

The photo had the body of a lady but with Churchill's face. Some people responded to Churchill's caption by claiming that it is comedian DJ Shitti who created the image.

Churchill expressed how men flocked his inbox to try to seduce him thinking he was a lady.

The photo went viral, creating mixed reactions from netizens. The comedian's Instagram page comment section got heated up with reactions from different people.

Some people commented that Churchill would be a cute lady, had he been created a female. They even went ahead to ask him for his contract details so they can talk things out!

Other people referred to Churchill as Madam Churchill after the post. Some also commented that the comedian was beautiful to the extent of competing other ladies out there.