Despite Being Accused Of Playing Defensive Football By Fans, Tuchel Was Voted As Bild's COTY Award

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Thomas Tuchel have been making great strides in world football since be became the manager of Chelsea football club earlier this year. The German manager who was sacked as Paris Saint Germain's manager last year was not expected to be seen back at the dugout just a few weeks after his dismissal from the French club, but when Chelsea came calling, he answered. In just a few months at the club, Thomas Tuchel have achieved a lot with the team. Getting to the finals of the FA Cup against all odds, wining the UCL title against all odds and now, topping the Premier League table with Chelsea against all odds. It's been Tuchel Vs his doubters all year and so far, the Chelsea boss is wining on all fronts.

Yesterday, Thomas Tuchel was awarded the Sports Bild's Coach of the year award and it's his second coach of the year award in 2 months (both awards were not from the same organisation). The Sports Bold award is given to the manager who performed best with his team in the past year and this year, it was Thomas Tuchel who deservedly won it.This recent award have now cast dark clouds over claims from some fans that Tuchel is not as good as most think he is. His pattern of football have come under fire in recent weeks, with some fans stating that Chelsea plays with 7 defenders each game (a lie dressed up to look like the truth).

Time and time again, Tuchel is expected to come up short in the big tests against top managers but he always disappoints these critics. One of the examples being his masterclass to get a point against Liverpool few months ago in the Premier League despite being a man down. Now two other top managers in Marcelo Bielsa and Diego Someone have been in similar positions against Liverpool in a game since then and both couldn't even get a draw against the Reds.

Most times, it seems like fans tend to belittle every single one of your achievements if they don't like you personally for one reason or another. Maybe it's something that comes with rivalry. With that being said, it's time for Tuchel to be acknowledged for his works over the past few months. He's definitely on the same level as Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola if his recent success is anything to go by.

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