Minnie's ex husband posted at the club.

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There is no question that in addition to being a well-known figure in the South African media, Minnie Dlamini is also an extremely successful entrepreneur.

She has worked in the entertainment world as well as the business industry for more than ten years at this point, and she is showing no signs of slowing down.

Not only is she successful in business, but she also has a career in acting, and she has worked pretty closely with the Ferguson film family in the past.

She wed Quinton four years ago, and the couple now has a kid together. Ever since their son was born, they have done their best to shield him from the scrutiny of the public, and they have been very successful in doing so

Minnie just recently announced on her website that she and her husband are filing for divorce, and shortly thereafter, she was seen having a good time and getting drunk with her pals.

People kept commenting that her ex-husband did not appear to be having a good time in the video that went viral today, which showed him at a club along with her.

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