God didn't truly curse Snake- See the real identity of snake in the Garden of Eden and its meaning


In the Genesis of creation, there was a story in the Garden of edern concerning about how lucifer turn to serpent to deceive Hawa (Eve ).

I want us to learn something small so please spend me your time to read this and share to others after reading because it will help you and others in life thank you. Determining the features of the serpent from the precious little information given in the Bible is a difficult task. Its was said snake which was serpent has legs, before Satan use it to deceive Eve and Adam.

Perhaps one of the most-asked and most-debated topics is the serpent’s original appearance and the features of the serpent from the precious little information given in the bible is being a difficult task because, there is considerable speculation in this area. For example, we can speculate about what color and patterns were on the serpent’s exterior, what shape of eyes did the serpent have, and so on.

In both the Book Old Testament and the New Testament, the serpent "snake" play an important role in religious and cultural value. The serpent was a symbol of evil power and chaos from the underworld as well as a symbol of fertility, life and healing. "snake", is also associated with divination. The wisdom behind this, is because serpent is naturally wise. The Hebrew Bible identify the serpent in the Garden of Eden and also use to describe vicious serpents in the wilderness, serpent was wiser creature with legs before God cursed it to walk on its belly and thats what the Bible or the story tell us.

To think of this, According to genesis 3: 14 The LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this (deceive Adam and Eve to eat from the true of life and wisdom), cursed are you above all livestock and above all beasts of the field; on your belly you shall go, and dust you shall eat all the days of your life."

The question is did God truly curse serpent? because the scripture said, its will eat dust all the days of its life. And in the reality snake don't feed on dust, we see snake feeding on eggs, rats, fowls etc. Again snake also belong to reptile family and also snake can't even talk. Also in natural sense human fear snake and snake also fear human.

So in my opinion these story or the scripture is there to inform and guide us to be vigilant in our daily life so that we don't allow ourselves to be used by someone, for us not to face the trials which somebody has comitted. Because is the Lucifer who use snake to deceive Eve and Adam but not Snake itself and God curse snake and also fired Adam and Eva from the Garden.

The same thing if you allow yourself to be use by some in nature or in your workplace or life, you can lose your job and position, and losing your job. Losing your job can transform you from good situation or life to difficult life which will let you eat food that you dont like and place you dont desire to stay. People get jailed, die, accused and even kill themselves because of someone sin.

Our elders and the Bible tell us, we should be wise as serpent and also use to tell us "go to ant and learn their ways" we know ant cant talk but that saying and the story of serpent is just there to guide us in our life. Lets learn something from this, so that we can leave a life free from trials because of someone's sin.

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