Check Out How A Thief Was Mercilessly Beaten Up For Stealing At Amasaman (Video)

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The world has gotten to a point that humans no longer fear harming their fellow humans.

Thieves here and there and the issue of instant justice seems to still be prevalent despite the fact that we no longer consider instant justice to be an option of eliminating the rising crime rate.

A sad video trending online shows how a young man was beaten up mercilessly by people. According to information, this young man was caught for stealing a roofing sheet in Amasaman.

Neighbours around were seen beating him without showing no mercy. While beating him, he was seen tied and left on the ground so that everyone can beat him without him running.

Also, he was seen stripped off his cloth with only his singlet on and lying on the floor with a lot of people around.

It has long been known that instant justice has ended up eliminating a lot of innocent lives and must be prevented by it seems people still hold on to this.

Let us learn to respect the duties of the security persons and report criminal cases to the police instead of taking the law into our own hands and doing what we want to, with theives we catch.

As can be seen in this case, several strong men were seen all beating the theif as they wish, if he is not a very strong person, he might end up loosing his precious life in the process.

The authorities must be very strict on the issues of instant justice so that we allow our criminals to undergo fair trial at court and prove themselves guilty or not in criminal cases.

Meanwhile, let's be watchful on one another as issues like this do end up in hurting several other people as well at the scene.

One thing we have to remember is that, these criminals we catch also have their fundamental human rights which need need be violated because they have been caught in an evil act.

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