3 Signs That A Lady Is In Love With You And She Doesn't Want To Tell You

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Love is always special and everyone always wants to be loved and to love. To some, love the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to them. It is always the nature of most women to fall in love with a particular man without ever confessing their love for them. However, they usually show certain signs that may make a man realize their feelings towards them.

Here are some of these signs that may show that a woman is in love with you.

First, women in love will always try to steal glances at those whom they love. At times your eyes may meet accidentally and she then shy off only to stare back at you with admiration.

Secondly, a woman in love will always try to talk to you every now and then and even call you late at night for no apparent reason. They will always try to start meaningless conversation and even pretend to burrow a non existing thing from you just to get to talk and be close to you.

Lastly, a woman in love with a man will always pretend to do an awkward thing to attract your attention towards them only to smile back at you. If you get to experience this signs don't wait until it's too late and they begin to loss interest in you because you have failed to acknowledge their call.

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