Kalonzo Alleges What DP Ruto Usually Does Behind Cameras Whenever He Comes To Any Political Rally

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Kenya is going through a moment of increased political tension as politicians engage in a war of words. This is something that has seen most of them exposing the dark sides of each other during their rallies in Kenya. Kalonzo Musyoka has continued releasing his anger on DP Ruto for snatching Mudavadi from him.

Speaking during his rally, Kalonzo exposed what DP Ruto usually does whenever he comes to a political rally and the results whenever it fails.

"We want that money being dished out in rallies used in meaningful projects. Ruto has tarnished peoples' names because when he comes to a rally he points out someone that he will send him/her to bring some millions and when that fails that leader is left in hot soup with the electorate demanding cash," said Kalonzo Musyoka.

He went ahead and declared publicly that he can't work with DP Ruto. He vowed never to forge any coalition deal with United Democratic Alliance party saying that he will be going on the journey alone.

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