Meet the Zimbabwean women who stays with 2 husbands and vows to marry 2 more

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Women are starting to be strong and courageous. Long time ago, only man could marry more than one women and it was acceptable as a norm. It seems like times are changing and women are also learning to dominate and change the belief of society.

A Zimbabwean women has given people hope that anything is possible and achievable regardless of what society says. A Zimbabwean women got married to 2 husband's and is staying with them in the same house

She said she met her first husband while she was working in South Africa and she has 4 kids with the first husband and 1 with the second husband. The first husband was okay with her marrying another man and most man would never allow that.

What's your take on this matter?? Would you marry two husbands if your spouse allowed you? Would you allow your wife to marry another man?? Please leave a comment below, like and share.


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