Mwita Prison Warden Shoots Wife And Son To Death Before Surrendering Riffle And Confessing


A prison warden by the name David Nduati Kimani was arrested after Murdered his 30 year old wife Raji Mwende and their one year old son. He shot the two at his house, where six spent cartridges and a G3 riffle loaded with 11 rounds were recovered.

An officer by the name Bernard Mutisya of the Mwita Gk prisons is said to have reported the incident after he and two other officers heard gunshots within the prisons compound as they were escorting prisoners to prepare breakfast for the next day.

After committing the gruesome act, the suspect surrendered his G3 riffle to officers manning the prisons gate and confessed that he had killed someone.

The bodies of the two were transferred to Mwingi level Iv hospital mortuary awaiting autopsy.

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