Church in Tanzania Delivers Heartbreaking News Over Coronavirus


The Council of Bishops of the Catholic Church in Tanzania (TEC) has called on the people of the Tanzania to take extra precautions against corona virus.

 TEC Secretary Father Charles Kitima today through a press conference stressed that the threat of corona still exists in Tanzania and the Church and an increase in deaths is still being reported, including within the Church itself. ' 25 bishops and more than 60 nuns and succumbed to corona virus last month according to the church. Deaths are still there, let's take precautions."

Charles Kitima

 According to Dr. Kitima, although the government through the Ministry of Health has issued a letter urging people to take precautions there are still challenges as people are not legally obliged to take precautions. "The challenge we are facing is that the government has not enforced the precautionary measures.

 Dr. Kitima also stressed that relying on prayer alone will not eliminate the problem in the country. '' God is not an amulet, He wants us to be responsible. Corona exists, you are told to be careful you say pray ... Our God wants us to be responsible, to carry out our responsibilities with the gifts and wills given to us. "

 The Council of Bishops has also called for official information on the disease as well as for research into the disease by local scientists.

 '' The truth sets people free, as the teachings of the Bible say, but in Tanzania we are told it will bring fear. The truth will be found in free research."

 This is the second time this year the Catholic Church in Tanzania has issued a statement on corona virus disease in the country. The first statement was made in January in which TEC President Bishop Gervaas Nyaisonga warned of a new wave of corona infections. In the document the church stressed that Tanzania is not an island and called for all scientific attention to be taken.