Here Is What Has Enhanced Jeff Kuria Of Inooro FM's Success


The life we live in is full of competition, which can either be healthy or unhealthy. The competition makes us who were are, for it either shape us up or out. This is one thing that has made Jeff Kuria to be step ahead and have his various projects that earns him millions of Cash progress. Being worker with a well known media house Inooro FM, there are various key things that has moulded him to his succes.

"Learning from people who made mistakes in life is one of the best Lesson " Says Jeff. This is because,one will not repeat what others did. It makes us make calculations on how to avoid what was done wrong.

You will see the mistakes from a far. This calls for the right measures to be taken as the mistakes are open for avoidance. Sometimes mistakes teach us to accept our fallibility and face our fear. This make us stronger as our way of doing things becomes enhanced and our boldness towards facing issues widens.

All this has made Jeff to be who he is today. He is a role model to many youths who sees him as a person who earn a descent earning out of his great hardwork.