Nigeria Is Not Ready For War But For Show, Adamu Garba Speaks About The Nigerian Military


With honesty and Truth, we should know that the Nigerian military is trying, they are doing their very best not just to protect the citizens but the Country at large. They are always at the war front, fighting tirelessly for the safety of the country and its citizens.

We see them sleep in the bush, in their cars, in an uncompleted building just for the safety of the country. We see them up early in the morning for practice, late at night for night duties, watching over us while we sleep. I must say that the militaries are the most unappreciated people in the country, though they are some that are not truly sincere to their work we know a lot of people are doing very well in their course.

Today Former Nigeria Presidency Candidate, Adamu Garba revealed that Nigeria is not ready for war but show. This is because we don't have the weapon and ammunition for Battle.

According to Adamu Garba Nigeria has a very small ship that even departed to Spain, he explained that our military is underfunded by the government and even under-appreciated by the public, he added that the military is doing more with less of what they have.

Adamu Garba, therefore, suggests that Nigeria should provide More arsenal and warships that will help improve the hardware of the country.