How to beat the market maker method

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Its a method founded by author stéve mauro .

The market maker always make a M at the top or a A pattern while they form a W or V at bottom.

How to benefit from the market maker cycle.

The high or low of the day is reset at 5pm newyork time. The market always consolidates by accumulating contrasts and building the volume , while they make a quick push up or down 15 to 25 pips to create high or the low of the day respectively.

Always iniate short position once the high is set for the day or long position once the high is set for the day (established).

At 4 hour Time frame chart always highlight the peak formations high or low or more clearly as a pin bar.

If you identify points when pattern all line up for example a 4 hourly pin bar , with an hourly railway road tracks and W or M at 15 minutes thus the indication are strong for a reversal .

Features to consider in identifying a downtrend are:

Spike tops, M tops , the EMAs 5 and EMA 13 are negative.

Features for uptrend identification of trend ;

Spike bottoms.

W bottom.

RSI in the 80 to 40 range.

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