Meet The Tribe in Africa Where Men Are Allowed To Kidnap Any WomanThey Wish To Marry

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Meet the tribes in Africa where men are allowed to kidnap any woman they want to marry

Yet in most parts of the world, a man must date, attract, and get permission from a woman who is interested and then get parental consent. Now, that's not the same for a tribe in Latuka, South Sudan.

In this tribe, a man has to kidnap every woman he admires and wants to marry. After the woman is kidnapped, the man must then tell the family that he is interested in their daughter.

According to their culture and traditions, applicants must kidnap a woman they wish to marry by handing over services to another man, and together the applicant and her husband will ambush Chase and kidnap the woman.

If the bride is caught, she will be taken to her fiancé's house and held there against her will until the woman's father is notified.

However, the woman's father had to beat up the man who kidnapped her daughter to show his consent to the marriage. The Latuka practice the opposite of the way most of the world looks for "hands in marriage."

When the applicant, along with other male relatives, returns to the woman's father for formal approval of the marriage, the woman's father has two options: say "yes" or "no" by performing the ceremony.

If the girl's father agrees to the Union, he is expected to beat his future son-in-law to show his approval of the proposal.

If the father answers "no", the man who kidnapped his daughter has the right to decide whether to return the woman or continue to marry her without her consent.

However, this attractive culture has sparked debate as many believe that it is a woman's right to choose with whom and spend the rest of her life.

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