2 Suspects Arrested For Planting Bhang In Yatta B2 Ranches

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Drug and substance abuse is among the leading challenges faced by youths in the modern Kenyan society. Some of the commonly abused drugs and substances include bhang, alcohol, miraa, tobacco among others.

Detectives based at Kanyonyo area in Machakos county have arrested two suspects over planting bhang . This was after the detectives received a tip off by members of the public about the bhang plantation. Bhang plantation was uprooted in Yatta B2 Ranches as exhibit.

Screenshot of a post on FacebookPhotos captured during the arrest of the two suspects

It is so sad that despite the government and other nongovernmental organizations trying their best to fight drug and substance abuse, some are spearheading its usage by planting bhang. We need to help the government and relevant organizations to fight this and educate more youths on effects of abusing drugs and substances.

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