Sangoma refuses to remove traditional beads at a restaurant and this happens.

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Traditional healer resorted to Twitter to air her grievances after a humiliating experience at a restaurant. She went on to say:

We started the day with a breakfast buffet at a nearby eatery. Beads made an anonymous female cook feel self-conscious, so she advised me to cover them up. I put up a fight. Before I eventually said no, she pleaded me three times. Consequently, she requested that someone else serve me.

After completing my dinner, I returned to the table and expressed my thoughts with my partner. To convey his anger and demand an apology from the chef, my husband went to the management.

she categorically refused to ask Muslims or anybody else to remove their hijabs or rosaries in order to assist her in the kitchen in answer to the chef's question. The point at which my husband told me about his discontent was when he was disappointed with her self-loathing and reminded her that she is African and therefore cannot treat me in any way because I am a traditional healer. There's no getting around the fact that she needs to express her regret and make a commitment to do better in the future. But she was shaking from dread of my partner's fury, so she apologized.

Those who have known him for some time describe him as a calm and kind person. How much he cared about me and my well-being became clear when I saw him so outraged by the situation The fact that she has always been there for me has made me feel privileged. Sangomas, like all other human beings, have feelings and goals, just like any other sentient being.

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