The Talking Stone, Other Fascinating Facts About The Ogbunike Caves Located In Anambra State


Just like other parts of the world, Nigeria is endowed with many fascinating tourist destinations. One of the most outstanding of them all is the Ogbunike caves located situated within Ogbunike in Oyi Locaal Government Area.

Included in UNESCO Tentative list to be considered as a World's Heritage site, the Ogbunike Caves holds special importance to the people of Anambra State.

It served as safety, refuge and shelter for during pre colonial years for slave traders, and served same purpose for locals and soldiers during the civil war.

The Ogbunike caves are actually a system of many caves linked together by small, tunnels and passages. It is surrounded by thick tropical rain forest. Legends claim that the caves were created by a deity, Ogba, who they believe lives within.

Some fascinating facts about the caves are as follows:

- There is an alleged Talking Stone inside one of the Caves' tunnel. Indigenes call the stone "Nwanyi Akanyi"

- Another tunnel is a crocodile and another, Tortoise.

- There are large colonies of bats that are believed to serves guardians to the caves.

- It is an abomination for a woman under her menstrual period to visit the caves.

- One cannot exit the Cave from where they entered from, another exit point must be used. This is not negotiable. Visitors have to wriggle and crawl their way through until they are led to another passage.

Believe these things or not, the Ogbunike caves have taken on an essence that makes them quite different from any random naturally-occurring underground structure in the World.