“No Giving Up” Jalas Latest Post Ignited Reactions Online

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Felix Odiwour, more popularly known as Jalang'o, or Jalas in short, is a Kenyan radio presenter, comedy actor, events master of ceremonies and talk show host. He also has a very popular YouTube e channel called 'Jalang'o TV', where he interviews personalities from various walks of life.

His life to the media had not been such easy ad how many people think. In most of his interviews he has opened up how life before had not been easy for him He even shares his worst experience in life that the day he got his job as a radio presenter is the day his father passed away. Due to this, Jalas has come with a motto that poverty is the one which makes him to work hard despite him being successful.

Few hours ago, Jalas has posted his photo back in the year 2006 when he was tarmacking going to the national theatre for auditions where he began his career as a comedian. In the comments people were happy with his hardwork where they send him encouraging messages.

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