A Man Of God's Comment On Covid-19 That Left People Talking


since the outbreak of Corona Virus in the world, several countries took immense measures given by the World Health Organization. These guidelines were meant to curb the spread of the the virus among the citizens of respective countries.

These measures included Wearing of masks, maintaining social distance, washing of hands, staying at home if necessary and avoiding crowded areas.

However, despite these measures put in place, the wave of the virus continues to be felt as several people are infected as many Succumbed to Covid-19.

In the recent past Tanzania has been hit hard by the virus that has left many people infected while others Succumb to the virus.

This has called for many leaders such as Politicians and church members to try and sensitize the youths over observing the Covid-19 protocols.

For Instance,Father Charles Kitima who is the Secretary of the Council of Catholic Bishops in Tanzania (TEC), as a man of God, he has been raising concerns over the high rate of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak the death of priests,nuns and nurses in Tanzania.

In one of his tweets Father Charles said, "This God is not an amulet, he wants every human being to be responsible and to use his ability to think. Corona exists, you are told to take care you say I pray. Our God wants people to be responsible, not just to say, we pray."

His sentiments left people talking as shown below:

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