" Hata Nikienda Uchi Mwili ni Wangu " Zari talks of her viral video with black inner wear

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Apparently Zari Hassan has been trending this on all social media platforms . Her video of her and her friends jamming to Diamond Platnumz song " Waaah " where Zari mistakenly lifts her dress up and her pants are seen .

Zari today took to her Instagram stories to address the issue as she is known better for protecting her brand and what is related to her from online bullies .

She said , " I hear my in-laws here on social media are talking about my black inner wear I wore on my white dress during my birthday . My dress was white and I couldn't wear any color of inner wear apart from black . Some things just need common sense to figure sijui inawauma nini na hata hamnijui vizuri . Hata nikienda uchi mwili ni yangu na haiwahusu kwa lolote . Mind your business my people . "

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