OPINION: Real Madrid Could Be Fierce Against Chelsea If Zidane Uses This Lineup In Their UCL Match


Real Madrid and Chelsea's competition in the UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals seems very interesting. Real Madrid have not been able to win Chelsea in thier last 4 meeting. However, this coming semi final match might make a change for Real Madrid. Chelsea stands better chance of winning Real Madrid since the competition venue is at Stamford bridge, but if Real Madrid could lineup with experienced players in their upcoming match against Chelsea, they might win. Here in this article, we will see the lineup that could make Real Madrid fierce against Chelsea.

Zidane is a wonderful manager, he knows the right way to play against his opponents. This coming Champions League competition between Chelsea and Real Madrid, Zidane could make use of the below lineup. Considering Chelsea's recent form, all real Madrid needs is to hold control of the game from the Midfield and also make sure their defense is strong. If Zidane could place Casemiro as the Attacking Midfielder, Real Madrid will be more strong in the Midfield and that will help them to gain more possession as they play against Chelsea.

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