WAEC exams: There Should Be Date For WAEC Examinations


following the high increase in covid-19 cases across the country, the federal government of Nigeria is still holding up on school resumption date. According to daily updates by the Nigeria center for disease control (NCDC) it seems that the covid-19 pandemic is still highly increasing with major cases across the country Nigeria. With this high increase in rate of covid-19 pandemic we think that’s the main reason why federal government of Nigeria have not yet given orders for all schools to be reopened. 

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In this article, we will be addressing the issue regarding the delay on waec examinations. West African examination council (WAEC) is an examination written in all the English speaking west African countries that is why it’s being called waec. Generally the west African examination (waec) normally use to hold their exams every year between the month of June and July but right now the month of June is already coming to an end and yet no reasonable date is being given to waec students on when their exams will be held.

On behalf of waec students we are therefore pleading to the federal Of Nigeria to please put up a date whereby only waec students can come out and write their exams.

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