"Uhuru And Ruto Should Be The First People To Receive The Covid-19 Vaccine," Kiraitu Says


Meru Governor Kiraitu Muringi has suggested that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy President William Ruto to be the first people to receive the Covid 19 vaccine as a way to prove to Kenyans that the vaccine is safe for them.

Kiraitu mentioned that so many Kenyans are afraid of the vaccine and fears that the vaccine might bring bad effects later instead of preventing it.

According to Kiraitu, the health CS Mutahi Kagwe should also be at the forefront with the two principles in receiving the vaccine.

The Meru Governor said this on Tuesday while the country is waiting to receive the new vaccine popularly known as AstraZeneca.

The vaccine is expected in the country on Tuesday 2, March at midnight at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Earlier, the Health CS had said that the health workers will be at the forefront to receive the vaccines before any other Kenyan.

Either, the Secretary-General from the ministry of health Susan Mochache said that anyone who is affected while eating chicken and eggs will not be allowed to get the vaccine.

Mochache said that not everyone will get the vaccine since they don't want to put the Kenyans lives in danger.

When the first batch arrives, it will be reserved at the Kitengela special shops before being distributed to the hospitals in every county. 

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