3 Ways to Say Goodbye After Separation Which Can Change Somebody's Mind.


In this world nothing hurts like having a divorce with a person you really loved with your whole heart. It takes couple of days to build the relationship but within one minute the whole relationship can be brought to zero creating a lot of disappointment in one's life. This creates alot of stress and if not well addressed can lead to insomnia and other mental health problems. The relationship issues nowadays have been hitting news headlines on how long lived couples are messing with each other and leaving alot of damages to the family. Off late you heard of the most rich person, Bill gates devorcing with a long lived wife of 27 year. There is something behind all these dramas, some ladies they hurry to get married not knowing the kind of person they really want in their lives. Money and fame may attract you to a marriage but where will you get the respect and loyalty? Some days later the lady comes to realize that she didn't choose the right person and that's how divorce comes in. To avoid all these it's good to do a courtship before you marry and read between the lines of the person you have. Don't rush for marriage before you find a true love, check for the character because some people may fake until marriage.

When you mess with your partner, there are several ways of solving the problem and one is through conversation. Here are word to make somebody change her mind after breaking up;

1. Just because am giving up in you it doesn't mean I never loved you. I loved you right but on wrong time and do me you more than a baby mother only because you disappointed me by doing what you promised not to.

2. Never be a prisoner of your past, it was a lesson but not a life sentence. You found a way to cross my way but also remember the reasons I loved you.

3. All of us get broken in some days but what really matters is how we get back up and put the pieces of the broken love together. Please consider that before you leave me.

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