Morning Prayer: Father, Let This Month Bring Good News That Will Tranform My Life For The Better

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Merciful God, I thank you for my life and that of my family. Also, for the new month, be praised now and forever. The children of Israel spent 70 years in Babylon as punishment for their disobedience. But you restored them to Jerusalem years after. God! I seek your help and divine restoration upon my life. Restore everything I lost in July and help me achieve those things I couldn't achieve last month. You brought good news to Virgin Mary through angel Gabriel, also to Hannah through the priest. Their life never remains like it was before. There was transformation. Father, give me the good news that will transform my life for the better.

Lord, if it wasn't for Joseph's advice, the land of Egypt would be devoured by famine. But through your wisdom and blessings upon him, you blessed and save the entire nation. Lord, bless me abundantly that I may become a blessing unto others. Give me a breakthrough, let me excel in all I do that I may be of help to others.

Concerning this August, I pray for a miracle. Let there be a positive change in my life. I claim victory over everything that pertains to me. Just like the way you loved and chose Jacob over Esau, David over his brothers, let me be chosen and favored over my contemporaries henceforth.

Who is he that speaks and it stands when the almighty God has not spoken? Hence, I come against every negative voice speaking evil of me, let that voice be silenced forever. Besides, I will only believe the report of master Jesus Christ, and he reports says “ go and multiply, be fruitful, replenish and subdue the earth”. I claim victory over all my problems henceforth. I pray through Christ our Lord, amen!

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