Former Radio Citizen Presenter Syombua Osiany Opens Up A Year After Being Sacked.


This is so painful for a person who has always been depending on his or her job for a living, here comes former radio citizen presenter who always hosted the morning show before the entrance of jambokenya show. Syombua Osiany was a presenter who always hosted her show in form of encouragement as she was working like a spiritual mother.

Though it was one time reported that the presenter has been sucked from the radio station without any cause being revealed, and since it has turned one year since the lady was terminated from work, she has decided to open up the situation after she received that sad news of loosing a job. Syombua Osiany posted on her Facebook page what happened before she was sucked. Below is part of her message.

Syombua Osiany said that as normal she was working hard day and night to ensure that she gives all her best to the listeners who really loved her show, though she said one day after she has just arrived home from the work she decided to has a rest as she was somehow tired though her phone was on a silent mode something that made her found three missed calls from her boss.

Syombua said that she decided to call back and she was called to arrive in the office something that she hurriedly did but so surprising after reaching the office she was given a letter of termination. She said it hard situation but she stood strong and turned back to parking where she had left her car and called her husband who always stood by her side.

Below is the link for the whole story that she narrated