DateMyFamily: One Lady Claims That The Bachelor Left His Wife And Children At Home, See This

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Judging by the reactions on social media, there is a lot that has to be said about the 34-year-old bachelor and the life he lives, it was a surprise for some people. After the latest episode of Date My Family, there was someone who released some information about Itumeleng's personal life.

And in a way, this is unnecessary, but then again, he was on Date My Family, one of the most watched shows in the country and what he does for a living was kind of interesting to some people.

One could say that the bachelor is a typical guy from the township, he is that kind of a guy who enjoys the township life and it seems like he is not really ready to settle down just yet. But he could be ready, we do not know, the show did not work out for him as you might have seen.

Now, people were not convinced about a lot of things that the bachelor was saying, they did not believe that he was being truthful about his age, some people thought that there was more about him.

As the reactions were coming in, there was also one lady who claimed that the bachelor must have left his wife and children at home to be on the show. So, this was probably just sarcasm, the person who said it, said it as a joke and one can tell, even by the reactions in the comment section.

But, when it comes to thinking that there was more about the bachelor, it turns out that the people who thought this were actually right. Some even went as far as doing some research to know more about the bachelor and what they found was interesting.

There are things that have been said about Polo drivers and the kind of life they live and one thing about social media, there are usually generalisations. And with the bachelor, he is a Polo driver, he is the one who hosts convoys, he prides himself as the Vice President of the Polo drivers association.

People know him as Mr Fresh Prince of Tornado and he loves his Polo, there are things that have been said about Polo drivers, one of them is that they are not faithful.

So, the bachelor was on a dating show and had he mentioned that he drives a Polo and he is part of an association, then it probably would have been a problem for the bachelorettes just because of the stories that they might have heard about Polo drivers.

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