Father cries out for justice over the rape and killing of daughter


The rape and killing of a 5 year old girl in Sierra Leone has caused great shock, anger and protest in the county.

The protesters mostly young people are demanding for justice for Kadijah Saccoh who was raped several times and murdered in Freetown together with other sexual violence.

At the forefront of the cry of Justice for Kadijah, her father Abubakarr Saccoh who was hoping that her death will make a turning point in the issue of rape and sexual violence against girls and women in Sierra Leone.

Authorities in the state has arrested 4 suspects in the rape and murder of Kadijah, her aunt who she was living with and the son who was Kadijah's cousin.

What happened to Kadijah

her parents were not together and both of them resides abroad. she was living with her mom's sister, her aunt in Freetown

Her father who traveled to America when she was one year old has already started preparing her papers so she could join him soon.

"She was a very smart girl, she grew up very fast. they gave birth to Kadijah during hard times, the time of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and everybody loved her because of her uniqueness among her peers" the father said.

The father cried on an interview on one program 'Sesay Programme', as he narrated all that happened to his little girl.

He said "all the papers were ready for Kadijah to come stay with him abroad, but due to some court issues between the mom and himself to grant him permission to do so had delayed the traveling".

"Last Wednesday I went to shop for Kadijah and her sister for shoes, i buy shoes for Kadijah sister but i decided to call my aunt to inquire about Kadijah's size since she is growing so fast. But my phone was already flat and i decided to call the next day being Thursday".

"My aunt called me and was shouting on the phone, i couldn't hear her, she was just wailing and shouting Kadijah is dead. Kadijah is dead".

Saccoh had said that he immediately called his sister to find out what happened and the sister narrated that Kadijah was sick, but he said that when the picture of her dead body was sent to him, he noticed some form of abuse on her and demanded for an autopsy immediately.

"They were almost at the verge of burrying her, but I told them no way, they threatened me, I am a Muslim, no body has ever done such a thing in my family, they said its a disgrace", he said.

Saccoh involved the police and eventually he stopped them from burring Kajidah but the result of the autopsy is what Saccoh said he didn't imagined would be the cause of her death. Rape was the last thing on his mind.

"Kadijah died because of her gender, she wasn't supposed to die because she was a girl, That was why she died, because of her sexuality. it was a shocking news when they called to inform me that she was raped and murdered".

"They strangled her, Kadijah need justice, we need help, if she has it, I believe most of other child molesters will be afraid of laying their hands on another girl" he said.

Authorities are investigating the issue and four suspects has been retrieved which include her aunt that she was living with and her cousin

Kadijah's death has opened the wound in West Africa where the issue of women's rights group was a problem.

More than 8,500 cases of sexual and gender-based violence was reported to the police in Sierra Leone as at 2018 and one third of it involve minors.

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