Five unhealthy mistakes we all make after meals.

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Some of the unfavorable habits we have in general are not easy to get rid of, especially when we feel good about them, but when they affect our health, we need to make efforts to kick out those habits. Among them are the next 5 mistakes we all make after meals that we shouldn’t make.

1. Sleeping after a meal

It always seems perfect to go to bed after a meal but it's actually unhealthy, if you go to bed after eating, you will make your stomach digest food too quickly, which can cause discomfort and sleep problems. if you feel sleepy after a meal, you should try to resist sleep and not go to bed for at least two hours after eating. The best thing you can do for yourself after a meal is to go for a walk.

2. Smoking a cigarette

For many smokers, it is a great pleasure to light a cigarette after a meal, but it is a big mistake. Once you have eaten, the body needs time to digest the food, and smoking will certainly not help it because nicotine binds to the excess oxygen needed for digestion, which is why the body will absorb even more carcinogens than usual.

3. Showering after a meal

When we take a shower, the blood flow in the body changes because the blood wants to reach the surface of the skin faster so that the body can more easily withstand the temperature change. This means that the amount of blood that helps digest food will be reduced, which can slow down the digestion process or cause indigestion.

4. Eating fruit after a meal

Nutritionists do not say in vain that fruit is best eaten for breakfast, or on an empty stomach, yes that is perfectly favorable to the health but not after eating because digesting fruit is faster than digesting other meals. An undigested meal will slow down the digestion of the fruit and due to the long process, it can ferment in the intestines and cause heartburn, unpleasant belching, and other digestive problems. It is advisable to eat fruit an hour before and two hours after a meal.

5. Exercising after a meal

The most necessary help we can give to the food we've eaten is to make it settle, don't go straight for exercise, You should wait at least two hours after a meal before going for exercise. Let the food settle and you will avoid possible stomach reflux, hiccups, nausea, and even vomiting.

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