See this Amazing Fact About English Premier League You May Not Have Known

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The English Premier league which is often referred to as Premier league is an English football league which are usually contested by 20 English clubs with each team playing 38 games.

The English Premier league was founded in February 1992 which means the league has already spent 28years in existence. Since the inception of the premier league 28years ago, only 7 clubs won the title.

The 7 clubs are; Manchester United (13 times), Chelsea (5 times), Manchester City (4 times), Arsenal (3 times), Leicester City, Blackburn Rovers and Liverpool won the title once.

But do you know that no single English coach has ever won the premier league title? Below are a list of coaches that have won the premier league title and their respective country of origin.

Jurgen klopp - Germany

Alex Ferguson - Scotland

Jose Mourinho - Portugal

Arsene Wenger - France

Kenny Dalglish - Scotland

Pep Guardiola - Spain

Carlo Ancelotti - Italy

Claudio Ranieri - Italy

Manuel Pellegrini - Chile

Antonio Conte - Italy

Roberto Mancini - Italy

Who do you think will be the first English coach to claim the premier league title? Kindly share your opinions with us and also like and share the post with others. 

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