Trevor Gumbi and his beautiful wife

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Trevor Gumbi has been one of South Africa's most well known comedians, with his name being in headlines for reasons ranging from personal life.

The name Trevor Gumbi is not new to the South African comedy scene. He is known across the country for turning his pain into laughter for his fans, but who is the man behind the name?

He was born on 23 November 1980. He is from Durban. Trevor is the brother of Sphe Ngwenya, also known as DJ Sphectacular. Aside from this, not much is known about his family.

He was previously married to Lucille Gumbi, but they got a divorce in 2018. Their relationship lasted for 17 years, 11 years of those being the period where they were married. Currently it's been said there is no new Mrs Trevor Gumbi.

Prior to his divorce from Lucille, he was addicted to drugs and had filed for bankruptcy. He does not shy away from addressing the negative aspects of his life since he believes they shaped him into a better person. The most notable ways he has talked about his experiences are in his divorce comedy tour and walk it off campaign.

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