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MADALA (86): This is my last final request!

Madala Patrick Ditshego said he had been compelled to rest close to a tree in the wake of sitting tight for an RDP for a long time. Photograph by Judas Sekwela

MADALA Patrick Ditshego accepts he has been denied his entitlement to possess a legitimate house.

The 86-year-old from Ntoane Village, outside Dennilton in Limpopo, applied for an RDP house in 2008, yet all at once never got one.

To exacerbate the situation, madala Patrick said he has lost the records to demonstrate he had applied.

The madala, who has been destitute for quite some time, dozes in an improvised sanctuary at a stand that had a place with his late dad.

He doesn't have a latrine and needs to ease himself in the brambles.

"Things are looking up for me and my last final request on this earth is to claim a legitimate house," he said.

"I used to reside with my better half in a two-room house. She passed on quite a while back. The house self-destructed because of weighty downpours. I'm passed on to battle alone. Where might I be covered in the event that I don't have a house?

Madala Patrick said he needs to get through extreme atmospheric conditions.

"I don't rest when it downpours. I sit and trust that the downpour will pass. In winter, I need to sit close to fire throughout the evening. "In summer, I risk getting chomped by snakes and other reptiles.I risk being gone after by burglars," he said.

He said he used to lease a room in the town, yet couldn't stay aware of the lease.

"I'm a beneficiary and the cash isn't sufficient to provide food for every one of my necessities, so I needed to return to this stand," he said.

"I just have the garments that I'm wearing and don't have food. I live like a street kid and feel like I have been peeled off my nobility. Government has walked out on me."

Madala Patrick added that he is sent from one place to another at whatever point he enquires about his RDP.

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"I've lost all desire for claiming an RDP. I accept I'll kick the bucket destitute and won't find happiness in the hereafter and won't find happiness in the hereafter," he said.

Limpopo Co-employable Governance, Human Settlements, and Traditional Affairs representative Hitekani Magwedze said they are researching Patrick's case.

Magwedze said: "We're checking if the madala applied for an RDP and is on the data set of individuals who should get houses."

Madala Patrick Ditshego said he has been forced to sleep next to a tree after waiting for an RDP for 14 years.            Photo by Judas Sekwela

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